Gliffy — Product Design & UX

Director of User Experience


Key Responsibilities

Establish and drive overall brand, product design, and creative direction

  • Define core design direction, values, and principles
  • Art / visual design direction for brand elements, visual assets, and UI
  • Establish key design processes: user research and testing, prototyping, design reviews, collaboration across disciplines, experimentation and data-gathering / processing
  • Support all key disciplines from a design perspective — product, engineering, marketing, sales, customer success

Hire, mentor, and manage design team

  • Manage team priorities, project deliverables, team OKRs, and career goals across the design team

Work with leadership to define product design strategy

  • Prioritize timing and scheduling, scope feature designs, etc
  • Define product design strategy — What are we doing and why? How will we positively key product and business metrics?
  • Evaluate and prioritize growth experiments and product features / improvements — Based on key metrics like ROI, impact, reach, and cost
  • Evaluate key metrics, qual and quant data from various sources to define goals and drive overall strategy

Communicate up to senior leadership

  • Design direction and project status

Current Projects

Brand Audit

We are working to nail down details of our company strategy, which will drive the evolution of our branding, messaging, and overall identity going forward.


Product Design Updates

Gliffy's core product, the diagram editor, is in need of some serious design love. We are working to bring it up to snuff from both usability and visual perspectives, focusing on high-visibility and high-ROI improvements that will improve core metrics and user experience:

  • User onboarding
  • Pricing and purchase flows
  • Sharing and inviting
  • General look and feel
  • General product usability

Gliffy Enterprise

Gliffy is creating a dedicated enterprise offering for our larger, more established customers.


Website Re-design

We are working on a complete overhaul to our core website. There are a few key goals for this project:

  • Start fresh with a completely rebuilt site, and step away from current site's messy code base
  • Update marketing funnels
  • Update SEO
  • Overhaul site content
  • Refresh and simplify site architecture and overall user flows and experience
  • Update look and feel to reflect updated visual direction being applied to core product, enterprise, etc

New Products

We are doing work to diversify and extend the value we bring to customers through some exciting new product design exploration and validation.

More to come!