Zynga — CityVille Mobile

Experience Design Director


Key Responsibilities

Establish and drive product design direction

  • Define core design direction, values, and principles
  • Art / visual design direction for UI

Hire, mentor, and manage design team

  • Across project lifecycle (pre-production, production, launch, and live phases)

Work with leadership to plan product design strategy

  • Prioritize timing and scheduling, scope feature designs, etc
  • Evaluate key metrics, qual and quant data from various sources to define goals and drive overall strategy

Communicate up to senior leadership

  • Design direction and project status

Design Principles

A set of core principles helped us stay on track and drive process and culture in the design team:

Focus on ROI

  • Knock out the highest value work up front
  • Do as little work as possible to learn as quickly as possible

Driven by prototypes

  • Whatever best communicates direction at appropriate fidelity
  • Sketches / whiteboards / storyboards, task completion flows and loops, state tables, Keynote / design software prototypes, software prototypes, animated sequences, etc
  • Communicate, get buy-in, and learn what works and what doesn’t as quickly and cheaply as possible

1 + 1 = 3

  • Pairs and groups of people are smarter than the sum of their parts
  • Highly collaborative — Put heads together to solve tough challenges
  • To be successful, sharing information across the team is key — Knowledge is power!

Data helps your gut

  • Great design comes from a healthy mix of gut feeling and data-informed choices

Craft, Quality, & Execution

Exploration & Discovery:

Task Flows:

Wireframes & Low Fidelity

Browser prototype: http://adobe.ly/28SW4hs

State Tables

Mock-ups & High Fidelity


UI Elements